The What

Many organisations fail to communicate their strategy properly, resulting in a confused and unfocussed workforce.

We help you avoid this by providing a logical framework for developing, communicating and managing your strategy, and we train your organisation to adopt it..

Our framework has five major segments:

  • A clear Strategic Intent gives a focus to each employee of where the organisation will be at a certain point in the future
  • Strategic Outcomes segment the Strategic Intent into the high level achievements necessary as the basis of a planned approach.
  • The Outcomes provide a roadmap of the smaller achievements required during the period of the strategy. Each is ultimately linked towards the Strategic Outcomes.
  • Activity Streams covers what needs to be done and by whom. It details the work necessary to move between Outcomes.
  • Risk is linked to activity and encompasses the problems that must be mitigated for the smooth movement towards the Strategic Intent.

This framework aligns all the key areas within an organisation and creates a clarity of purpose.