The How

Aligning your organisation through Training and Facilitation

Our courses can be used for general leadership methods training in preparation for a strategic exercise. Additionally, you can develop your specific Strategy Map through a facilitated approach.

The Strategy Design Course can be delivered to multiple levels in your organisation. Participants will learn the techniques to describe a coherent Strategy, whether carried out top-down (Inherited) or bottom-up (Emergent). By the end of this course all participants are equipped to build their Strategy Map.

The Strategy Workshop is the opportunity to take the theory into practice. Our certified practitioners will facilitate your strategy group to define the content of your Strategy Map, unique to your organisation.

The Strategy Programme Course turns a Strategy Map into project and communication artefacts. People will build their own line-of-sight for their contribution to the achievement of the strategy, which engenders the essential motivation most often lacking in such implementations.

Thought-provoking. Participatory. Engaging. Aligning.