In a survey of over 400 global CEOs in 2015, the Havard Business Review cited the failure to align as the single greatest challenge in executing a strategy.

Clear Alignment was founded to address this.

We train your staff in our unique method.

By introducing a logical framework that designs and communicates your strategy in a format everyone can understand, your people see where they contribute.

Whether you are:

  • A multi-national organisation requiring to align initiatives
  • A regulated entity needing to evidence effective strategy management
  • A start-up business looking to write your first strategy
  • A well established local company planning your next phase of growth

and you need to undertake significant change, we will help you to get your Effective Strategy Realised

The What

Many organisations fail to communicate their strategy properly, resulting in a confused and unfocussed workforce.

We help you avoid this by providing a logical framework for developing, communicating and managing your strategy, and we train your organisation to adopt it..

Our framework has five major segments:

  • A clear Strategic Intent gives a focus to each employee of where the organisation will be at a certain point in the future
  • Strategic Outcomes segment the Strategic Intent into the high level achievements necessary as the basis of a planned approach.
  • The Outcomes provide a roadmap of the smaller achievements required during the period of the strategy. Each is ultimately linked towards the Strategic Outcomes.
  • Activity Streams covers what needs to be done and by whom. It details the work necessary to move between Outcomes.
  • Risk is linked to activity and encompasses the problems that must be mitigated for the smooth movement towards the Strategic Intent.

This framework aligns all the key areas within an organisation and creates a clarity of purpose.


The Why

Companies can be complex organisations, managing the conflicting requirements of shareholders, employees, clients and other parties.

Messages get confused.

In the absence of a clear and well-structured strategy, people will substitute their own objectives. The organisation becomes misaligned, people go “against the flow”. Inefficiency, frustration and errors follow.

Our process aims to get everyone working in the same direction, to harness the power of the organisation as a whole.

We seek to provide ‘a line of sight’ for employees to follow.

They will have visibility of the required achievements, regulate organisational behaviours, push to achieve outcomes, and be risk aware.

It drives efficiency.

It ensures alignment.


The How

Aligning your organisation through Training and Facilitation

Our courses can be used for general leadership methods training in preparation for a strategic exercise. Additionally, you can develop your specific Strategy Map through a facilitated approach.

The Strategy Design Course can be delivered to multiple levels in your organisation. Participants will learn the techniques to describe a coherent Strategy, whether carried out top-down (Inherited) or bottom-up (Emergent). By the end of this course all participants are equipped to build their Strategy Map.

The Strategy Workshop is the opportunity to take the theory into practice. Our certified practitioners will facilitate your strategy group to define the content of your Strategy Map, unique to your organisation.

The Strategy Programme Course turns a Strategy Map into project and communication artefacts. People will build their own line-of-sight for their contribution to the achievement of the strategy, which engenders the essential motivation most often lacking in such implementations.

Thought-provoking. Participatory. Engaging. Aligning.

About Us

Clear Alignment Ltd resulted from the need to align organisations to their strategy.

Our own experience, confirmed by numerous studies, identified organisations were suffering inefficiency, frustration or making catastrophic mistakes due to this misalignment.

Traditional methods were failing to drive activity and focus throughout an organisation. We understood that a better way of bringing strategy and behaviour together is a critical success factor.

Our founders and advisors utilised their many and extensive years of experience to create a novel, practical approach that redefines how a strategy should be developed, structured and communicated.

Specifically to ensure “effective strategy realised”